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Charting a New Course in Consulting Excellence

EdCortex Service Deployment

EdCortex benefits from Docker/Kubernetes technology to locally process the queries and provide back the response at real-time with minimal delay and utmost security.

Adaptive Learning Protocols

Implement the most comprehensive set of Adaptive Learning methods based on Educational Neuroscience and Learning Sciences. Our integration allows an automatic fine-tuning of each method based on the learner's background and performance.

GenAI Suite

Thanks to the EdCortex GenAI Suite of tools, the end-users will be provided with the most efficient educational content at any given time, fully tailored to their learning habits and progress pattern

Recommender System

Implementing a tailored recommender system is pivotal for delivering personalized content and generating automatic reminders. We employ advanced Multimodal Embedding and classification algorithms using Gen AI, to enhance performance and engagement of learners. These algorithms enable your LMS to build on individual preferences, providing precisely curated recommendations and timely reminders to all the learners on the platform.

Predictive Analytics

EdCortex introduces a set of Predictive Analytics tools targeting the learners, using a spectrum of Machine Learning methods applied on the collected Metadata. Our suite of innovative tools provide early feedback to the learners to consistently optimize their learning trajectory.

ML Classifiers

Classifying and Annotating the granular Content elements as well as User-Content Interactions.

Content Uniformity Optimizer

Guaranteeing a smooth customized transition across the learning trajectory


Integrating the latest methods in Behavioral Economics and Gamification to engage each Learner into learning routines based on their activity pattern.

Standards Upgrade

EdCortex delivers customized Learning Record Store (LRS) and Key Performance Indice (KPI) assignments for comprehensive Reporting and Analytics. We further help the enterprises to implement xAPI along with CMI5 standards to efficiently collect and monitor their pool of metadata for an optimal Interoperability and Adaptive Learning experience.

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