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eLearning and Massive Open Online Courses

More than 200 million citizens across the globe seek educational content online, either in the format of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) or Micro-Courses. Consequently, eLearning platforms have faced a high surge in demand and a high degree of competition among them on content creation and optimization of content delivery to their end-users. 

Learners across the globe represent a full spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds and exhibit a wide range of cognitive capacities at any given age range. Therefore customizing the educational content to the mean of the population, as has been the mainstream policy thus far, comes with the downfall of failing to meet the expectations of a large part of the cohort. 

At EdCortex, our experts help your business take your adaptive learning strategy and protocols to the next level using the state of the art Educational Neuroscience. With EdCortex, you can rest assured that you are at the front line of designing and delivering educational content with the utmost quality, directly resulting in a significant increase in user satisfaction.

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