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Educational Institutes

A survey of over 1,000 teachers and senior leaders in state schools has found 1 in 3 teachers do not know what educational neuroscience is, while 76% of teachers aware of it have found its insights helpful in their teaching.

EdCortex will help you unleash your students' potential, independent of their base cognitive capacities, by incorporating insights from decades of research in Educational Neuroscience. We guide you to apply these state-of-the-art insights to verify and elaborate your content design, curriculum, instruction methods, and the assessment and monitoring of the student's performance.


EdCortex continuously monitors the published literature in Cognitive and Educational Neuroscience. Our team of neuroscientists then incorporates the most robust and promising findings into verifiable methods that can be practiced in the classrooms. 

Partnering with EdCortex will help you maximize your students' engagement rate, problem-solving skills, and memory consolidation by implementing methods that have reliably demonstrated to make significant improvements, such as active learning, interleaved learning, rehearsal rate, and sleep factor.

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