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On-Demand Neural and Behavioral data Analyses

EdCortex solicits the expertise of its team to provide data science services to public and private institutes around the world under tailored agreements binding to the GDPR regulations. 

EdCortex collaborates with laboratories and enterprises specialized in education and cognitive neuroscience. The collaboration aims to process the collected experimental data using customized pipelines incorporating state-of-the-art statistical and machine-learning methods. By leveraging this expertise, EdCortex ensures efficient and effective data analysis, providing valuable insights to its partners.


The on-demand services provided by EdCortex offer flexibility and efficiency in data processing. Laboratories and enterprises can rely on EdCortex to handle their data precisely and quickly, minimizing data processing delays and maximizing productivity. This collaborative effort accelerates the rate of innovation and facilitates the development of robust, data-driven insights.

EdCortex Data Science Services

Digital art exhibit

Large scale Educational datasets

EEG and ECOG Neural data

Large scale Behavioral Assessments

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