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Enabling EdTech Sector to Provide Personalized Learning

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your learning Solutions

USING Gen-AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Neuroscience

We Meet Your Demands

E-Learning and Massive Open Online Courses

Our team of skilled professionals assists you in achieving maximum user engagement and learning effectiveness by harnessing the synergistic capabilities of cognitive neuroscience and machine learning.


Learning Management Systems

Enhance your LMS and CMS solutions by integrating cutting-edge optimization techniques inspired by Cognitive Sciences.

Educational Institutes

Unleash the potentials of your students, by incorporating insights from decades of research in Educational Neuroscience.

Learning is Fun
Video Game Developers

Digital Game-based Learning and Serious Games

Redesign the challenges and the reward system in your games and experience a significant increase in the engagement rate of your users.

Data Science Services

EdCortex solicits the expertise of its team to provide data-science services to public and private institutes around the globe.

Brain Scans

News and Articles

At EdCortex, we consistently and carefully monitor the latest research insights that bring valuable contributions to the thriving EdTech community.

Digital art exhibit

Edcortex services

Charting a New Course in Consulting Solutions

Recommender System

Implement our pioneering Recommender System driven from the latest breakthroughs in the Learning Sciences. We employ advanced Multimodal Embedding and classification algorithms using Gen AI, to enhance performance and engagement of learners. These algorithms enable your LMS to build on individual preferences, providing precisely curated recommendations and timely reminders to all the learners on the platform.

Cognitive Profiling

Implement the most comprehensive set of Adaptive Learning methods powered by Learning Sciences. An integration that allows advanced customization of the Educational Content based on each learner's Cognitive Profile.


EdCortex utilizes Cognitive nudges to help learners establish learning routines tailored to their individual Cognitive profiles. Integrating the latest methods from Behavioral Economics and Gamification to engage each Learner into learning routines based on their activity pattern.

Predictive Analytics

EdCortex introduces a set of Predictive Analytics tools targeting the learners, using a spectrum of Machine Learning methods applied on the collected Metadata. Our suite of innovative tools provide early feedback to the learners to consistently optimize their learning trajectory.

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