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Sleep Memory Consolidation

Optimization of the memory consolidation over time

Numerous works have suggested the essential role of sleep in consolidation of different types of knowledge that we acquire on a daily basis.

Moreover it has been shown that if during leaning, a beep or an odor would get associated with the learning material, during sleep, this cue can reactivate that piece of knowledge and significantly accelerate its consolidation in the long term memory.

We will not only use the sleeping hours of the user as a guide to when an abstract material should be recommended, but in a later stage of development, we will implement this targeted reactivation of memory.

To this end, the users who opt-in to this procedure, will hear a dedicated beep during acquiring of a concept.

This beep will be replayed for the user during sleep hours, with a subliminal threshold, so as not to disturb the user. This beep however, will play as a cue to retrieve and facilitate the consolidation of the concept associated with it.

Sleep Memory Consolidation
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