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Adaptive Learning Protocols

Adaptive Learning Protocols
Monitoring the scientific literature

At EdCortex, we continuously monitor the newly published articles in several domains pertaining to Educational Neuroscience. We carefully scrutinize the articles to verify their replicability and effect size.

Designing Tailored Adaptive Learning Modules

We adapt the selected Neuroscientific recommendations into customizable modules based on the target audience of each client.

Monitoring the performance of each module

After implementing each module, its efficiency will be monitored across learners by introducing dedicated KPIs, with the aim of reassuring an evidence-based optimization thanks to our advanced adaptive learning methods.

Capitalizing on ML models

If a platform is already benefiting from ML models, we harness them to provide an enhanced flexibility in delivering our adaptive learning modules, by further tailoring the modules to each learner, based on their engagement rate and cognitive capacities.

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